Xbox One: How Do You Charge The Railgun? NOT THE LEFT TRIGGER APPARANTLY.......

Can someone help me out. This game came with no manual, the in-game manual is insufficient. I'm not shelling out for a strategy guide if there is one when I have the internet and YouTube. It says that the "Railgun charges when zoomed" Well with the sniper rifle, you hold the left trigger, and it zooms for aim. In a Titan with the Railgun, you hold the left trigger an absolutely nothing happens. I tried holding down the right trigger and nothing happened. I just get the normal weak shots. I saw a YouTube video of a PC gamer able to charge the Railgun. What am I missing? Thank you Microsoft for not giving this kind of game a single-player or co-op campaign to learn the ins and outs of a seriously hardcore game before having to engage live opponents that have obviously been leveled up and adapted by playing the beta the last few weeks. Just need to know what to do with the Xbox One controller to charge my railgun before I unleash it's hellish fury on the indestructible Titans I attack, while my tank Titan can go down in 10 seconds.


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When you aim it starts to charge, there is a meter that appears.  

Later once you kill 10 titans with it you get an instant shoot.

Do you aim in the Titan with something other than the left trigger? I've seen YouTube videos of people charging their Railgun, and none of that happens when I pull the left trigger. There has to be something I'm doing wrong. OutlawFirebird, you are right, once you kill a certain number of Titans you can get an instant shot with it at a HIGHER charged level, but not a FULLY CHARGED shot. I don't know whether the instant is level 2 or 3, but it's not level 4 like the full charge shot appears to be. I just want to have the ability to charge a shot. I know I'll miss with it most of the time, but I just want to have the chance at firing a fully charged Railgun shot at a critical spot on a Titan.

It's the left trigger. Takes several seconds.

Should be left trigger unless controls got changed.  Part of the gun will start to spin and light up yellow.

What happens if someone tries to vortex shield a plasma railgun? Same thing as bullets or does it just go away? If I remember right the plasma railgun is that lightning bolt thing

To charge the Railgun you have to hold the Left Trigger. Just pressing it won't do anything. Also check you controls to make sure they're set to default in the options.

The Plasma Railgun is not the lightning bolt thing LOG. That is the Arc Cannon.

My bad