Xbox one franchise - running since madden 10 on 360 - more relaxed than most!

Looking to add people to my long running Madden franchise. I don't run pure sim so its more relaxed there, but its no chesse, no BS. All adults, but many couldn't make the transition to launch of the Xbox One right at launch. We do have some rules but not as many as hardcore sim leagues,  just basic rules to keep cheeseball kids out and to keep everyone happy. No running up the score on people, always schedule, things of that nature. If interested send me a PM on here or send a message direct to my live account. You don't have to go through some website or anything, everything handled through xbox. Any questions or if you have interest hit me up, we advance every two to three days and are open to all skill levels. Nothing but cool guys playin madden, and none of the pressue of these sign up to our website and hes 4 pages of rules nonsense. I have rules about scheduling,  4th down, running up the score, play diversity, punts and kickoffs (that pooching BS) and quitting. It isn't a ton but with these simple rules we keep everyone happy. So again hit me up somehow with interest, I am going to be doing the draft Friday the 29th at 8pm EST, but if needed it can be pushed back an hour or so to make schedules work. After that you would be joining into a roster (team of your choice) that would be auto drafted by the cpu. Thanks for reading!

- Turd


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