Xbox One for playing Ghosts on....

In the US,You guys are paying $499.00 for your X1,Is this correct?In England i'm paying £429.00,This works out at at $694.00 US.I get Fifa free which is what?60 bucks in the US?So i'm still paying $634.00 US!I should only be paying £308.52.I'm getting my trousers pulled down!

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Move to America. Problem solved.

Us Brits and the rest of Europe always get screwed over in prices compared with US. Whats worse is that the features MS likes to highlight about whats good about X1 isn't available for use within the European market.


As the consoles not region locked. I looked into buying direct from the US. Was quoted $125.00 (£75.00) for delivery! Which would mean I was paying $625/£385. Would've saved £55 but that wasn't enough of a saving.  Due to thinking about possible damage in transit or hardware failure within the guarantee period would have meant returning it back to the US for repairs or a replacement.

Tea Tax Revenge still in effect  ;)

^^Thats great!

Probably has to do with import taxes.

  ^  Or that they just drop their pants so easily.

Somebodies got to pay for the Queens yacht to be cleaned.