Xbox One Day Launch Celebration

Check your console account messages & email to see if you received a promotion into receiving a free Xbox one, which was picked out through the whole Xbox community which was decided by Gamerscore & Xbox Tenure level!

If you didn't like I didn't, well I'm sorry. :~(


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There were many factors in the people they picked. I know several high tenure people with large GS that got them. I also know of some who have below 5,000 GS and only been on Live for 2 years.

Omg Fyerballin!

There was only like 1000 selected for the console from what I heard.

Omg what lol?  

[quote user="fyerball 72"]

Omg what lol?  

What happened to leavin the forums?

I still want to pull off that jacket idea :P.

Still nice to hear that Microsoft gave away some consoles though.

Only my 4th post in over a week pal.;-}

Yea it is nice to see them give back to a few customers.

They didn't give away just an Xbox one , it ranged of an Xbox One + Forza or 2. Killer Instinct or ranges to Xbox One + a bunch of games + music + gold, it was minimum 600$ worth of random prizes. :c

It would be nice to see that message pop up as soon as you logon onto your console though.

Are they still doing this promotion or is it over? And do you think there will be any future promotions? I can't believe Microsoft actually did this. That would be so nice, to get online and see that you don't have to save up $500 plus for the new console.

MS sent me a Email but it was for the xboxone that am getting don't forget user name and password.....

OMG FoomBerry!

I was pretty happy when I found out I'm getting a free Xbox One console. Microsoft is the greatest!