Xbox One Counterfit FIFA14 bought at Walmart

Hi.  Wanted you guys to be aware of what happened to me last week.  I bought FIFA14 from Walmart in Georgia, US.  The disk would not play.  I have a few other games so knew it wasn't the console.  Took the game back to Walmart (i had purchased it 3 days prior),  and they didn't want to allow me to exhange it due to it being opened.  The electronics section looked at the disk, then compared it to the FIFA disk playing in the demo unit.  The one i purchased did not have the hologram xbox logo around the middle of the disk.  the hologram should be on both sides of the disk in the interior.  Packaging looked legit, had a xbox live promo in the case also.  They did not want to allow me to exchange the disk.  A person behind me in line said "hey, that happened to me w/the EA's football game".  He said he got the runaround....Walmart said take it up with EA, EA said take itup with Walmart....that guy never got his money back.  I said, open another from your shelf.....if it has the hologram i'll buy it, if not (meaning the next is also counterfit) return my money.  They reluctantly opened two more off their shelves, and both of those were also counterfit. They ended up pulling all the FIFA14 games, and EA's Madden off the shelf.   I got my money back, then went home and purchased/downloaded the game.

There may be many customers that don't realize they have a counterfit game sitting under their Christmas trees until they go to play it.  Total bummer!  I would suggest if that is your situation, to return the game and do the DL like i did, and tell everyone you know. 

Just a heads up to what happened to me.

Thanks, Lawrence


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thanks man for the head up!!!!

game on!