Xbox One and OnDemand Content(Possible HDMI passthrough issue)

So, I have a Motorola DCH3200/3380 set-top box with Cox Communications cable TV. I have this HDMI outputted to the Xbox One, and from the One to the TV.  My issue is the OnDemand content. I can watch TV, access guides, etc. etc. without a hitch. 

Recently(within the last couple of weeks) have noticed that I cannot access OnDemand content while my settop box is plugged into the One. 

Essentially what happens is that the picture freezes on the OnDemand menus. However the set-top box is still functioning. If I pressing select enough times it will eventually play OnDemand content without issues. It's the accessing the menus that is the problem. 

When I bypass the One, the OnDemand content and menus works without a hitch.  This leads me to believe its an HDMI pass-through issue. I.e. the Xbox One not relaying the picture to the TV when I access the OnDemand menus. (And seems to be a continuous theme through-out the board).

I just wanted to see if anyone else on this board is having similar issues with accessing OnDemand content. Or have any suggestions of what I can do? If I can't resolve it, I'll have to unplug the set-top box from the One. It's a shame because I really enjoy the TV hooked up through the Xbox. But the HDMI pass-through has to work flawless if it's going to function as an entertainment hub.

What I have done:

I've power-cycled the xbox. I've switched HDMI cables. reset the cable box. No dice for these.


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