Xbox not reading Forza 4 disc

Hello - im hoping someone can help!!

I have just got Forza 4 for my 360s 250gb, im having an odd issue with it as follows:

It wont install on the hdd - says disk is dirty - it is not

It signs me out of xbox live as soon as i start to load the game so it wont let me install the update for it

It will boot from the disk but wont save after the initial race and fails to install disk 2 when prompted

I have cleared the cache, reloaded my profile and deleted all forza 4 storage data from the hdd

I have also taken the game back to my store and swapped it for another one incase there was a fault with the disk - its exactly the same!

After a bit of googling etc there seem to be a few people suggesting that its the new copy protection update by microsoft being incompatible with certain xbox dvd drives? this would make sense as all of my other (older games without this new protection) work perfectly and install to my hdd with no issues atall

The game works perfectly on my mates xbox (his box has never been connected to the internet)

Please help as i have run out of options and really want this game to work!!

Thankyou for your time and any advice you have to offer



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Dear CRABBS1 i think the problem is Your DISC-reader?

Please go thought these next steps;D

00.Inspect and clean your disc

00.Take a close look at the back side of your disc. Are there scratches? Excessive scratches or smudges can prevent your Xbox 360 console from reading a disc.

1.Hold the disc by the edges without touching the top or bottom surfaces.

2.Using a soft, clean, slightly damp cloth, lightly wipe from the center of the disc outward ([Note  Do not use solvents to clean the disc]).

3.Load the disc into your console and see if the disc plays.

If the game isn't still reading keep doing these "steps"

01.Clear your system cache

01.The Xbox system cache contains temporary files used by your Xbox 360 console. Clearing the system cache may fix your disc drive problem.

Previously downloaded game updates are removed, but don't worry. You'll be prompted to download these updates again before you play the games.

1.Press the Guide button on your controller.

2.Go to Settings and then select System Settings.

3.Select Storage or Memory.

4.Highlight any storage device and then press Y on your controller.

(It doesn't matter which storage device you select; the cache will be cleared for all storage devices.)

5.Select Clear System Cache.

6.Select Yes when prompted to confirm storage device maintenance.

7.Try to play the same disc.

If the problem is still there GO trought next STEPS;D

02.Remove your hard drive

02.Does your Xbox 360 console have a hard drive? If it does, your disc-reading problem might be related to your hard drive. To see if this is the case, temporarily remove your hard drive.

1.Turn off your console.

2.Locate the hard drive on the top of your console (or on the left side, depending on how your console is oriented).

3.Press the release button on the hard drive.

4.Lift the hard drive away from the console.

5.Turn on your console.

6.Play a game disc.

You know what to do if the problem continue;D

03.Remove memory units or USB flash drives

1.​Turn off the Xbox 360 console.

2.Remove any memory units or USB flash drives attached to the console.

3.Turn on the console.

4.Play the GAME

If the problem is still there do the next;D

04.Check the disc type and region

04.Take a look at the game disc and packaging.

1.Is the disc an Xbox 360 game? Xbox 360 games are clearly marked on the disc or the packaging. The Xbox 360 console can play some, but not all original Xbox games.

2.Is the disc region correct? If you purchased an Xbox 360 console in the United States, Canada, or a U.S. territory, the game should be marked as NTSC.

3.The following table shows the region codes and the corresponding geographic regions.

001.Region code Geographic regions/countries


002.North America and South America (United States, Canada, Mexico, Chile, and Brazil)


003.Asia (Hong Kong SAR, Japan, Korea, Singapore, and Taiwan)


004.Europe, South Africa, India, Australia, and New Zealand

Make sure your disc is intended for the Xbox 360 console and has the NTSC region code.


05.Try another game disc

05.Load a different game disc into your console, even if you tried this step previously. Conditions might have changed. This solution determines whether the problem happens with any game disc or a particular disc.

1.Find another game disc and load it into your Xbox 360 console.

2.Play the game.

NOT solved problem (Your console need's to go repair).

I hope this was helpfull information to you;D

THANKS And happy Trying time's;D

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@TeSe Greatshot

thank you so so so so very much

for me the problem was to remove flash drives from my xbox ,

i had no good respose to this question so again thank you so much taking the time to write suh a conprehesive guide to solving this issue you are a total legend .

many thanks


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