Xbox Music Region Lock

This is just a suggestion, but somehow it pisses me off a bit that it works like this now. Im an avid user of Xbox Music, even more now since it's officially available in my country - Portugal. However on Xbox One it's another story, since I bought the console and I'm in a non-launch territory I had to choose one of the available regions (United Kingdom it's the one I chose). I expected Xbox Music to be region independent from the marketplace, since it's officially available in more countries than the places where the Xbox One launched. It's a huge, huge deal for me, because I just can't listen to my music, this limitation blocks the whole app from being accessed. I'm aware of the copyright region restrictions, but the possibility to choose a different region from the one you choose on your console would be great and it actually makes sense because Xbox Music is legally available here. Another problem caused by this is the possibility to stream music using the "Play To" feature, I simply can't because Xbox Music is needed and since it's blocked I it's not possible.

On a side note Xbox Video doesn't block you outside the app even though it advises you to change the Account Locale to match the console Locale, and this allows me to stream Videos via "Play To". I'm guessing I'm not the only one with this problem, but I hope when Xbox One gets similar streaming possibilities to the 360, Music and Videos have a different way of browsing the content (a generic player, not tied to Xbox Music/Video), if not I might never be able to stream any content due to this region restrictions (at least until the console launches here, which won't be soon). Please open the possibility to use different Regions on Xbox Music and Xbox Video besides the ones available on the console.


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