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I just purchased a Gamestop Power Up Card. When signing up online, it asked me a questionaire and I keep getting an error where it says that I may not have answered all questions, or all questions correctly. I have answered all questions, but  it's asking for my gamertag, which I know, but also my online id and username. Neither of the latter two I know what they are asking for. Could someone please explain to me what they are asking for and where I can find this? Thanks!


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Hi, im a Gamestop associate. I might be able to help you. The Online ID is only if you have a PSN account. The Username is if you have an account on Club Nintendo and U plus is Ubisoft member... Dont Check in the boxes unless you have an account for them... Aswell for some reason i have a Ubisoft account but everytime i check it tells me something is missing so i dont bother and unclick it the ta-da it saves (that might be the prob). If you  only have an xbox account just check it in the xbox and type in your Gamertag. Aswell, as for the percentages you have to fill in they have to add up to 100% in order to be completed (i know a hassle right) Hope It helped...