XBOX Live TV and Bose T20

I currently have a Bose Lifestyle T20 surround sound system.  My XBOne is connected to the Bose system in one of the HDMI slots, and it works GREAT!  however, when i try to use it for simple Live TV ( I do not have cable/sattelite) it tells me it can't find the picture from the TV.  Currently the TV is plugged into the Bose system as well.  I have however tried the following configurations:

XBone directly into the TV (and TV into the Bose), this way I lose the Xbox picture. 

Xbox into the Bose system, and the TV into the Xbox.  No signal on the TV and therefore can't see the XBOX.

Xbox AND TV both into the Bose.   Xbox picture works fine on the TV, but trying to watch TV just gives me the looking for TV picture. (If i skip that

 step then i just get a black screen.)

I have an LG TV, and the Xbox finds that fine and can control it when it asks to do so during setup.  It also can find the Bose System when I tried to set that up from settings.  But so far No TV!


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