xbox live shift codes

I cannot enter shift codes anymore with my xbox live free member account.  Were there changes made since Thanksgiving?  I could enter them then, but not now?


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Last updated July 3, 2018 Views 3 Applies to: shows silver now.maybe thats why.Do u need to be a Gold member? Thats a bunch of crap if ya do.There making games today that you have to be a xboxlive member to play your game.What a joke.Hope iam wrong thow..

Shift codes have nothing to do with your xbox account.  If you're having issues entering them via the xbox, then try to go to the Shift website, login, and enter them through there.

Good.I didnt think so..And iam not a Hater...But it just sems kinda silly to make folks have a gold membership in order to use some apps....

well i had this same issue and after a long convo on xbox live chat you now have to be gold to get these shift codes no other way to sign into gearbox they have proven just how greedy they are with the new terms

Yes you have to have a Gold account to use the shift codes. Tried to use a couple of codes I got and went to use them said you had to be Gold. It sucks.