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I haven't recieved any points for anything and been a member since June.  Apparently you are supposed to get points for using netflix, haven't got any.  You are supposed to get points for signing up haven't got any, Taken surveys haven't got any.  In total I haven't gotten any points.  Awesome. I asked someone and they told me to waste more time and call.  What a joke.


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How many 'Pending' points do you have? You have to have a total of 100 pending points by the 1st of the month to receive a payout around the 15th of that month. I have 80 pending points, next month I'll do the survey and have 100 and they'll be paid out around Oct 15th. Plus, Netflix is tricky- You have to sign up for it AFTER you sign up for Rewards and it has to be the first time you've ever signed up for Netflix. I've gotten close to 1000 MSP from Rewards.

I have nothing pending.  I have no points of any kind.

Cleared cookies/cache etc...?

The rewards system is messed up for me as well. I'll get sporadic emails from xbox about it. It seems they lose my email for a few months and then somehow send me stuff again. I have gotten a few points when it first came out but I don't really spend time doing the things that need to be done for points.

You do get points for Netflix, but only if you've never used it before and you keep it for at least 30 days.

You are supposed to get 20 points for a survey each month.

I don't think you get any points for just signing up, but you do get them for renewing your Gold membership.

From what I understood you earn points for doing certain things.  Which is why I signed up in the first place.  Netflix was one of those things. And signing up was another, and whatever else that was supposed to be worth points.