xbox live rewards MyStats.

I was on the "MyStats" page on the xbox live rewards page.

i noticed all my hours played on games the past 6 months were compared with all global xbox live rewards members.

all my hours played on the games shown were way above the communitys hours played.

my hours: orange. community hours: yellow.

i had called xbox support about another problem and brought this up. they said i was basicly number 1 over the rewards community.

i would imagine this being good. what do you guys think?


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the stats are completely wrong,this has been reported many times.

i had over 600 hours clocked on lego pirates apparently,when in fact it was less than 20hrs to 100%

the average amount of achievements  earned in the last 6 months was 20,mine was 700!(thats actual achievements not their value).

sorry to say but your not number 1 in the rewards community they just don`t want to admit how wrong the stats are.

Not getting stats for entertainment use.  The numbers given for everything else are wrong.  I would like to know what were the most earned achievements and average gamerscore earned in the last month or so but six months is too long of a time period for me to care.  I also don't care what the most purchased avatar item is.  That's just another opportunity for them to advertise.  

Yeah, stats are up to interpretation. I saw 4 games. I've played a lot more than 4 games. Showed one game just because I got 900 achievement score. I only played it a few weeks. It's still better than nothing, which we were getting. I've gotten quite a few marketplace points. I'm not going to complain about MS giving me ~$15.

The stats aren't very accurate. Some of my stats are way off the mark.

There might be one game that's right for me in the most played for the last 6 months.  My achievements earned dwarfs the community but I guess you can't count on it being right. 

Neat addition if it was accurate.

Is anyone getting stats for My Gameplay - Time Spent &  My Entertainment Use?  Because it has no data.