xbox live rewards - are the stats broken?

so this chart puts all the times youve played either a singleplayer or multiplayer game on a chart along with the amount of time youve played it for.

But on mine the stats must be wrong because it says the in april and may i apperently played singleplayer for just under 700 hours in each month

and it cant be accumulatated game time over the months because in june it goes down.... to 600 hours

another reason why it cant be right as it means that in one month i played singleplayer for 29 days 


Has this happened to anyone else or am i just being stupid?


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This is the 3rd thread about this today so i think a lot of peoples charts are wrong. Mine said that i played fable 3 for 400 hours. I just played the main story and that was it lol.

Its been wrong since they implemented it.

good at least now i know i wasnt reading the chart like an idiot or something :)

Atleast yours works I'm still waiting.

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I already know how much time I spend on what.