Xbox live party can't join game...

Has this happened to anyone else?

I'm in a party with 2 others and our party can't find/join any game. We all have open NATs and all ports are open. We can all get in games quickly by ourselves but as soon as we start a party, we can't get in any. Same issue with just 2 people in a party...


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I'm not 100% sure, but I've had a theory on this. Feel free to correct me if/where I'm wrong.


Basically, think of it as a game of logic. If you're by yourself and there are all of these lobbies out there, there's a better chance that you, by yourself, will be able to "fit" inside one, thus throwing you into a lobby/game. MW3 also is a locale-only all-the-time game, so that may have something to do with it?


Going with what I said before, though, the same applies. If you have 3 or 4, you're basically trying to find a lobby that can support that number of people, or create a new one. This process is also comparing and trying to get you in the closest (locale-only) and "best" lobby possible.


Smaller countries had problems connecting to any games at all due to the locale-only thing, but I think that has been addressed and resolved by IW; not 100% sure on that, either. :P

Thanks for help TylerW507. I do agree with you but we rarely had this problem with Black Ops or MW2. It won't be as quick if we were by ourselves but we would still get into a game relatively quickly. This seems to only happen with MW3.

As with our locale, yes. I'm in California and they are in Iowa so yes. I can see that being an issue but like I said above, we would still get in matches with the other games...

Ah, I get what you mean.


What is happening is MW3 is locale-only at all times. This idea came to help fix lag issues, but has had a backlash of connection issues, especially in small countries (where it was disabled). I can't remember with MW2, but in Black Ops the search was Default, where it would just hurry and find a game, Locale where it would first try to find locale and then jump to default if nothing came up, or Locale Only.


Basically, some of your problems may be due to the Locale Only issue. The more people you have, the longer it will take to find a game (relatively speaking) because there is only so much room in a lobby. I do agree that it was faster in MW2 and Black Ops, but the logic behind MW3 does seem to make sense. It sometimes takes a little longer to find a game, but usually the games are better quality (or so is the theory).