Xbox Live needs... Ninja Baseball Bat Man

on my weekly look at, I've seen a new Angry Video Game Nerd video. However, it was not about a bad video **** from the past, it was about a small 16 bits arcade game named with the most awesome title ever for a video game : Ninja Baseball Bat Man


say it out loud, try to not laugh.


I dare you not to imagine a Ninja version of Bruce Wayne playing Baseball...


The game seems amazingly funny : a good ol' 2D beat 'em all, allowing you to play as a ninja using a baseball bat as a weapon, fighting a load of weird ennemies...

just look at it :


what's the nerd final thoughts ? we need this game on a modern home console and I think the world needs to know Ninja Baseball Bat Man, I'll track down a Rom of this game so I can try it, but it sounds so amazing that a modern downloadable platform release seems pretty interresting.


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everyone i am going into being a indie game developer and i would like to make ninja baseball batman one of my projects so please don't start making of your own i have it covered.

I already seen that from the AVGN.  I found it amusing fighting a plane within a plane.


Looks like a fun brawler.  I might buy it if it ever came to XBLA.

I don't like most fighting games. Most of the time it is just bashing a button.

Seen it already, lol fighting a plane inside another plane.

Saw it yesterday and wow. That game looks ridiculous by far.

It's nothing but utter chaos. I don't understand how this was possibly conceived by a human brain. It looks like something Konami would make. It looks unnaturally wacky that it would leave your brain cells into degrading drivel without any hope of recovery.




And I would love to be in on that action. :) I wonder how Irem feels about it.

Same here.

Just watched it on AVGN. IT IS FiretrUCKING TRUE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

looks like suda game minus the d*** jokes

If they remade the game today, it'd be called Ninja Baseball Bat Man Zombie.  Some game devs think there has to be a zombie in every game.