Xbox LIVE, ISP, and NetFlix

    Xbox is the leading console for Microsoft.  Microsoft developed the console for revenue.  So, it makes since that Microsoft would be interested in my perspective on the purchase of a SONY PS3 simply because it costs less for family entrertainment.  Yet, there is an easy soluion or Xbox to maintain thier customer base . 

    Xbox requires that I pay for n Xbox LIVE account to connect to my Netflix account through my Internet Service Provider (ISP).  SONY prides sreaming and gaming on-line for free.  I have considered purchasing a SONY which could promote further purchases into the SONY franchise simply because an Xbox LIVE membership serves one family member for gaming one at a time since it is intended for commnity gaming.  Yes, the family can appreciate Netflix together, but while occupying game-time dad or big brother may have wanted to capitalize their leisure time batteling Locust Hords on another console to satisfy some neo-virtual blood-lust with the world comunity while the rest of the family absorbs "CHICK FLIX" (no live community required).

    The solution I mentioned for an increase in Xbox revenue would be to allow internet access to netflix with new Xbox software providing netflix either directly or through Xbox Live for free.  This provides an increase in family entertainment versatility making the Xbox the family choice.  This way the console supports both family entertainment and on-line gaming while the profile owner "gets their game on" using their profile for community gaming on another console, not impeaded by the family entertainment (or family pacification to free gamers to game).  Being the console of choice leads to Xbox game and accessory purchses, pedicated by Xbox LIVE memberships for community gaming and maintaini your customer base.  Thereby providing an increase in Xbox Console revenue. 


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