XBOX Live Guest Sign-In error

For the last 3 weeks I have been able to piggyback on my friend's Live gold account so we can do a split screen online black ops 2 gameplay. Starting yesterday, when we go to sign me on as a guest, a message title "XBox Guide" pops up with a bunch of info regarding Live accounts and does not allow me to sign on as a guest. Any ideas what this is all about? Have restarted the unit, done various figurations of the controllers, tips other threads suggest, ect. He can still do solo online matches, we can do local 2 player gameplay. I have seen others during matches that appear to be signed in as a guest player, noted by the "(1)" after one of the two duplicate names. I'm hoping someone else has had this same issue with a solution.



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The only thing that I could suggest, which you may already be doing, is make sure you sign in as "guest" and not as your "Bizzle515" gamertag because then you'll for sure get that message. Other than that, I don't know because I've never had a problem with split screening.

Nope that's not it. I was signing in as a guest previously and doing the same thing now.

Maybe you two boosted, so his GT(2) splitscreener is banned, duno.