Xbox Live Gold to access PAID Netflix

So, as a new owner of an XBOX 360, I was very disappointed to learn that I must pay Microsoft an additional $10 a month just to access my $9 a month membership to Netflix. WTF!?! So to watch Netflix on XBOX I have to pay $19 a month? What kind of BS is this? Should have bought a PS3 instead. Now I am looking to purchase a separate bluray player that has a FREE netflix app built in. Until then, guess it is back to connecting my laptop to the HDMI on the TV and stream it from there.

Thank you Microsoft for a very non-user friendly approach to providing something that the rest of the electronics world is providing for free.


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So my Netflix has been saying I need a gold membership to watch.  I have gold service!  Every time I hit continue it takes me back to the profile select screen.  This is on an Xbox One.  I've been using my PS3 to watch Netflix on now.  Thinking about uninstalling the app and reinstall.  Hope that works.

Thanks for your input Bill Gates...

I pay for my broadband internet. (Expencive I know) Price approx $40 / month (high speed, thus high price)

I pay for my netflix subscription, $8 a month.

I bought my Xbox 360 & Kinect - $400 approx

I can use my WII to watch Netflix with no extra charge,

I can use one of my three computers to watch Netflix with no extra charge,

I can use, if I buy one, a smart-TV to watch Netflix with no extra charge.

However, if I want to watch Netflix on my Xbox 360, which I already said I paid enough to buy, I have to pay Microsoft an additional $5 month? Same goes for using Internet Explorer (the worlds #1 browser for downloading another browser), as well as using other subscriptions you already pay for, like HBO and Lovefilm.

Now, the question many people ask is "Why?". The answer is quite simple.


Other examples are shown on the games; A new game on Xbox is priced approximately the same as a new game for PC, PS3 and WII, However, when a game is 12+ months old, you can pick up a game priced at $35-$40 new, for $15-$20 on PC, WII & PS3. On Xbox 360 the price might have dropped from $40 to $35... but don't count on it. After 18+ months, you can pick up the games for the PC, PS3 and Wii for as low as $7-$10, and by now the Xbox prices have dropped too... Down to a wooping $25-$30...

Don't tell me this is because they're "soo much more expencive to make" or "it's up to the creating company to set the prices", since this actually are prices seen on the SAME GAME for various platforms.

The latest proof on this was the launch of the new Xbox One, which I for one would rather see go bankrupt than succeed if they are sticking to the "give us your money and keep it coming" policy of "no trading your games", "no selling of your used games", "internet connection demanded to play games you bought, even for local play" and all that. Not all Xbox users have internet. Not everyone would even be able to obtain one on the location they wish to game. (I got friends with cabins, having Xbox' Wii's and/or PS3's there, Located in the middle of the forests or on small islands along the coast, on a mountain cabin, and used perhaps a weekend a month.

Internet access isn't cheap here, and getting it provided to a location far of the grid, where the wireless broadband provided by the cell companies have no cover... Well, Xbox One would make a nice ornament for the tractor or a good anchor for the boat, but other than that, it'd be useless.

Now, watch and see, this post will probably get deleted as soon as it's spottet, and I would not be surprised, since such critisism isn't enjoyed, and when it's actually true, it's loathed!

i understand it has loads of benefits. but i dont want them i dont game as much as people willing to buy the gold because i have a job that works me 12 hours a day and sleep 8 more hours of my day leaving my 4 hours in which i would love to sit down and watch nexflix which i need a gold to do. this fact among other is why i here by shun microsoft and all it products. when you care to much for money you get blinded by only shinny thing and miss what is in front of you. i just hope its not a cliff

ok so we can we can pay 3 TIMES for something that should be available with at a minumum 2 times(as if that wasnt gouging) too gain access to something that some peoples tvs cant do by themselves.....ill say its even worse though that i need a gold account just to watch fing youtube on my xbox

thats still a load of crap to pay for internet THEN xbox THEN netflix for instant queue crap

Because you are accessing it through MS' service, so whether we like it or not they DO have the right to include it under their Gold membership banner. For me it's no big deal because I use Live for quite a few things but for people like NightShade I hear you. It's a rough situation if your use of Live is extremely limited. As far as streaming Netflix though you have options if you don't want to pay for Gold membership. If your TV is Wifi enabled I believe you can stream netflix right through your tv, but I am unsure if it is EVERY tv that is Wifi enabled or just specific tvs in contract with netflix, you'd have ot research that. You can also hook your PC or laptop up to your tv and stream that way.

For those of us who do NOT play online paying $5-$10 dollars a month is ridiculous. Personally I ONLY want to stream my Netflix account (which I already pay for) and play games offline. Like they said why should I have to pay double? I love my Xbox, but I DON'T play online so there is no logical need to pay for this "benefit" that is not even  service offered by Microsoft. And if you are saying that it's because Netflix is an app then there should be a way to access it without using the app. It is a website first and foremost not an app owned by Microsoft, so why should I have to pay Microsoft to use something that isn't even theirs??

And it will stay that way because MS says so - but it doesn't make it right . Most of the devices I own, including a TV,a Blu-Ray player, a phone, an iPod, my computer, and an iPad, display Netflix using a free app provided be Netflix over MY internet connection or data plan. You also use MY Internet connection to deliver content that is provided by Netflix as your PAID service. There's no reason this particular service should require a charge - it's just nickel and diming your customers. I wouldn't have an issue if this was not for a service I've already paid for and which all othe devices provide without charge as part of making their product useful. Clearly I don't need Netflix via XBox - it's just irksome and arrogant.

I don't know about you, but I have Xbox Gold Live to play online with my friends.  Being able to access my Netflix account on my Xbox is a bonus.

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