Xbox live gamertag help?

I keep on trying to change it to something, but it keeps saying it is taken, so I tried FRing the guy, but it says "The gamertag doesn't exist on XBL" 


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It could be a Zune tag. They share the same system so the name would be taken but not show up as used on Live.

So there is no way to get it then?

Not if the system says it is in use, no.

Fudge, well, looks like my name can't be one of my favorite Youtube stars, That Bush Man

I think your current gamertag is good, not sure if it is a reference to anything but it has a nice ring.

Change the spelling like I did.  Mine was being used, so I misspelled "Chicken" to get it.

Yo Def, it actually is a reference to something, this:

Why was ChickenOnaChain already taken? Seems kind of an obscure name to request, at least to me.