xbox live character and before xbxo character?

before i got xbox i had beat the campaign and i got bored and i wanted tot play with other people, but when i got live my stats were reset... i still have all the gear i got and the rank but when i go to campaign to play heroic or legendary it says my rank is recruit and my spartan isn't customized! then when i go to the menue check the armory it says my rank is warrant officer and that my character is custom!!!????? what do i do?


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yeah, nothing you can do when you play offline and dont have live you get more Cr on campaign and customs cause, well you cant earn some challengues and cant play on MM, so when you go live with that account you can get demoted and even get some Cr taken away from you, just to keep things fair. at least thats what bungie thought back in the day, glad 343i still has this feature.