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Hello all, yes I am desperate. I recently got booted out of my group which consisted of 6, I knew them for a year, so you can imagine how I'm feeling now. It's left me very depressed and lonely. So, I am on the internet looking for 2-3 long-time buddies to play general games. I am 14 but I am mature, I don't get why people round my age act so immature. That's the reason why I started gaming. I play new releases and my favourite genre is co-op. I myself, is a experienced, skilled gamer but I don't really care if you can dominate. 

Weekdays: 4PM - 12AM
Weekend: 2PM - 2AM
Pretty much on all the time when my eyes are open.


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hey there, you need a friend, ill be there for ya. im mostly at work, so i can talk to you through texting, but i play on the weekends. i don't really consider my self a good player, and i prefer to play co op, so if you want to play, let me know.

Xbox one or 360? Or both?

Xbox One

@Z4ZonE Sorry, Im looking for long-term gaming buddies. Thanks anyway.

Don't know if you are still looking, but I'm 16 and i lost my group since i switched over to xbox one. I'm online alot in my spare time. I want to get my own group started on Xbox one to start playing with. I mainly play Fps (No I am very relaxed, and enjoy it. Can't even begin to say how much anger i have seen on Fps games...). Im trying out gamefly so any game is open. I have bought Bf4 and titanfall to start out though~

Send one my way if you want :)