XBox Live Access on multiple consoles

Looking for some info that I would have thought was much easier to find.

I have a 4GB XBox 360 that is a few years old, and a 250GB XBox 360 that I just purchased this XMas so we could DL some XBLA Arcade Games. Both my 10 year old son and myself have XBox Live accounts.

It seems that we can log onto either console.

It seems one of his friends visited and he can log on to his XBox Live account on or 250GB console.

My question: are there any limitations? adverse effects? any downside? (that would be associated with saving my son's friends' accounts on our console) If he has 10 different friends that use XBox live, can they each log on to our console when they have play dates? Is there a max number of logins that are stored? Can 3 of them log on to play a 4 player game while they are over?

Vice versa - if my son visits a friend and logs on their console, any negative effect on their console? Any concern I should have with my son doing that?


Anything I am not thinking of?



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There is no real adverse affects.  I think after so many different log in's on different consoles, it may ask you for you to re-enter your password, or it does that already.  I'm not too familiar.  Or you may have to re-download your gamertag.  You may consider putting the gamertag on a jump drive to swap between them.  You can have up to two 13 gb USB drives associated with an Xbox, but swap them between.  My son has several of his friend's gamertags stored on his Xbox as well, and he never had any issues that he has come to me about, so I kinda just took for granted that it was working fine.

Side note: know that when you download games, those games are tied to your Xbox console, and to the gamertag.  If you are logged into LIVE, then you can download that game and play it on any console, BUT only while logged into LIVE under that gamertag.  The Xbox console that the game is originally downloaded on can play the game anytime, regardless of who is logged into the Xbox.  I don't want you or son to get confused if you download games on the different consoles and then wonder why you can't play them on the different ones.