Xbox gone downhill since Kinect?


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There used to be a time when the xbox was known as the best console for core gaming, the ultimate gaming system and now it seems all they are focusing on is Kinect, which in my opinion is the biggest load of crap ever, sure the technology of it is great but its just not for gaming, you just cant play real games on kinect.<BR>

Microsoft have said that all their 1st party games from now on will feature kinect, and we are also getting another whole new dashboard designed arround kinect (which if you ask me looks crappy, i just got used to this one)  <BR>

Now whats funny is the Xbox facebook page asked a poll question yesterday which was "What were your favourite announcements from E3?"  the first possible answer "hardcore games (gears 3 halo 4, MW3)" so far has 44,891 votes, and "kinect games" has only 1,144 even the answer "other" has 2,396 votes.<BR>

So why are microsoft still trying to push kinect when no one really cares or wants to use it for their games. This E3 we had 2 exclusives, Gears 3 and Forza 4 because the rest are crappy little kids games like disney world, dance games and once apon a time, seriously? that stuff should of been on the Wii.<BR>

Now lets talk about Mass effect 3, this is a brilliant game and they have now added Kinect so you can say whats on the screen, but seriously whats the point? its actually much easier and quicker to just press the A button than it is to say 'i'm commander shepard i dont need your trust' and then wait 1-2 seconds for the game to recognise it, it might just be me but i dont want to play a game talking to myself the whole time.<BR>

Now Forza 4, yeah great you can move your head around in the garrage to look around the car and get close to the tv to zoom in and what not, but why look like a moron doing so when you can easily just move the analog, moving around my room does not make me feel more like i'm with the car and touching it. Also with the headtracking while your racing, you can look left and right to see out your car, but if your head is turned to the side then how are you supposed to see the screen any way so thats a bit pointless.<BR>

Any way i might have loads of people disagree with me and thats fine i'm just expressing my thoughts and feel free to comment what you think, do you agree that kinect is a waste of time and you'd rather have some core exclusive games? or do you prefer kinect and like that xbox is now becoming a kids party system?

Also on a side note, i really hate these forums, WTF have they done to it ! bring the old forums back

Also on a side note, I really hate people whining like a freaking little baby about stuff that they can simply not use.

Im sick of hearing about it, and it's mass advertising on tv is getting on my nerves.  Give it time though, it'll phase out, like all the other gimmicks.

Since over 10 million units have sold so far probably more by now it isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Kinect has amazing tech that games are just now starting to utilize. Things like MassEffect 2 voice commands are amazing among other things it can do. If your tired of hearing about it then just freaking ignore it.

When every other commercial is about it, it become hard to ignore, plus every video on the xbox seems to be about it. One is not freaking old boy, just airing a view, do calm down!

Yeah but like the guy from GTTT said for mass effect 3 you dont need kinect for that it can be done with a standard headset mic and already has been done on a game before but i cant remember the name.

It was done in RSV2 if I'm not mistaken.

OP, you're absolutely right.  I can't believe MS completely abandoned all of the genres and franchises that made the Xbox great just so they can try and force casual gaming down our throat with the Kinect.  I mean what happened to a new Gears of War, or maybe a new Halo game?  What about the immersive RPG's like Mass Effect or Dragon's Age?  

Wait?  Oh, right, all of those games are coming out.

Honestly though, it's always fun to watch the forums catch on fire as soon as something like Kinect or Move arises.  People assume it's the end all peripheral or the tool of the consoles destruction.  They are completely ignorant of the fact that the devices, as well as the games that utilize them, are optional. No on eis making you play Kinect Adventures. And if you buy Mass Effect 3 or Forza 4, no one will make you use the Kinect along with it. 

I dont think kinect spelt the end, just that the over advertising is annoying! lot of self righteous people on here these days!

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