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Games with gold is a great idea to reward your base, but the games that have been available for download are dated and most gamers likely have them in their library or have played them. I'm not trying to be ungrateful, but let's be honest they could be a bit more generous in the game selection. Here's a thought, why not offer up a list of games every month say 5-10, that came out no more than 12 months ago. Allowing gamers a choice of game from the list. Once they download they can't download another one until the next release. I think using a structure like this might satisfy the masses and at least give us (your gamer base) the perception that your campaign/program is a genuine reward for our loyalty. Some of the stuff that's being offered is weak at best and in some cases dismal. I'm appreciative of the campaign/program, but MS can do better.


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Not to degrade anything you have said because others feel the same way you do but for me with the games they have gave me Assassin's Creed 2(my first amazing AC experience) Dead Rising 2,Iron Brigade I am quite happy with the program...if I hadn't already owned Crackdown,Halo 3,Rainbowsix:Vegas and Fable 3 I could have added them to the list as well..even for dated games the one's offered were at least platinum could have been flops like Vampire Rain etc lol

I liked all the games so far except for Crackdown. That one just felt weird. I played it for a bit before I stopped and uninstalled it. Maybe it was good 6 years ago, but I didn't like it. I didn't give Spartacus Legends a shot because everyone said that was crap lol. I wonder what games we'll get next month. Usually they announce it around this time.

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it could have been flops like Vampire Rain etc lol


*Shivers* Just the sight of the name makes me want to kick something over ; )


In all seriousness. I like the idea and will not say no to a free game, but imo the last few freebies have been a bit disappointing. They have been titles that I either have no interest in playing, already own or have already played.

The games have all been good, not all to my personal tastes I admit but ones generally considered fun by fellow gamers.


Also worth noting is that once your Gold expires, they are still your games.


You aren't going to get them giving games from the last 12 months in the program unless they adopt the PSN+ method, of those games being unusable without an active subscription.