Xbox gamercard question

The gamercard seen with my name to the left only shows Xbox 360 games I have played. I have seen others who have Xbox One games shown. How can mine show Xbox One games?

I do play Xbox One now more than Xbox 360, so I should see Destiny, WWE 2K15, etc.



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its been ages and microsoft is still failing to update this small feature :C


Hello "shanafan"  :)


These forums (as of this posting) have yet to be updated to display the Xbox One games that you've played.


Also, it wasn't until recently (please correct me if i'm mistaken) that Xbox 360 users could actually see what games Xbox One users who are currently on-line are playing as I remember seeing it say something vague like " Xbox One " (pre Xbox 360 patch update).


Have a nice day or afternoon or night "shanafan"  :)


Thanks. I thought that maybe was the case, but I was seeing Destiny and MGS 5 icons pop up - but I forgot those are also on last gen ;)

You must be mistaken.

No one has ever had xbox one games show on their gamercard yet as the forums still haven't been updated to do that.

It only shows xbox 360 & windows games.

That would explain why mine is blank.  I've never owned a 360.