Xbox game similar to Unreal tournament/quake

Hi Friends

I just bought Xbox and started playing games after long time..

Do any one know xbox game similar to unreal tournament/Qauke  which we used to play on pc around 2005



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Unfortunately no.  Quake 4 was one of my favourite multiplayer games of all time on 360 but unfortunately no one plays any more.

The nearest to those is probably Halo  being set in the future and not being as reliant on taking cover as other shooters.

Titanfall is also a lot of fun.

Apart from those, most games seem to be cover based shooters where having fun by running around like a headless chicken and shooting gets you killed very quick.

ohh :(

Thanks for your post, i appreciate it!

I will check out those 2 games..

Keep your eyes peeled for "Doom 4" when it arrives in the Spring.

Closest you'll get to the games you mentioned on this Gen.

DOOM and Alien vs Predator were excellent on Atari Jaguar.

UT  is grate MP but weak singal. Due to cliffy weakness of making a campaine. But make one good MP developer. And I think he should stick with MP only type games in his owned company. But I hope that now he not inthe helm of UT. When they make UT4. It have better SP then he was making it.

Doom, Quake and Unreal pure FPS gold. Halo and TitanFall might be the closest thing to them for current consoles.


Halo 5, Titanfall, & Black Ops 3 (at a push), are the closest you'll get to Futuristic multiplayer games but the reality is that there are no Arena Style Multiplayer FPS out on current generation consoles at the moment.