Xbox Fitness Refuses to start

So I have been using the Fitness app all week without incident but this morning during load it crashes to the main screen. I tried a hard reset power cycle, removed the power cable from the Xbox and let it sit as well as reinstall of the app. Nothing worked.

Anyone else having this issue?

I love this app when it works but lately that's been about 60% of the time


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mine won't load today either , just keeps going to black screen with the don't over exert yourself :( hope they fix it soon , it makes exercising so much more fun :)

mine wont load either it gets to the proposal page and kicks me back to the home screen. I tried reinstalliung but nothing works.

same here

Having same issue. Starts intro, then says it is not connected to network, but Xbox live is fine

My wife had the same issues and as such abandoned the whole idea of using Xbox Fitness.  Today, she decided to give it another shot.  She fired up the game and it stuck at the "don't over exert yourself" screen for 19 minutes (yes, 19 minutes).  It then loaded and she is currently bouncing around the living room.  C'mon, folks!  Get this sorted.  It's my only hope for my wife to embrace gaming!!!

You are not the only one, Since the July update of Xbox Fitness I have been having extremely long loading times of Xbox Fitness too.

For me the game will show the loading screen with the Xbox Fitness logo and the 5 moving dots below it for about 15 minutes, the is will go to the 'Don't overexert yourself' warning screen and show that about 30 minutes. Making it a total of about 45 minutes before the game finally starts. Once the game does start everything seems to behave normally. It will have no problem streaming workouts in HD. If I restart Xbox Fitness after that the game will start normally too. But sometimes, for example when I have played more than 2 or 3 other games in between, Xbox Fitness will take about 45 minutes to load again.

I had email contact with someone on their team. They had me try various things to diagnose the problem, but no luck so far. The usual things like restarting the Xbox, holding power for a few seconds to reset, re-installing the game and such will not help here. I have even tried a factory settings reset. None of those things will help this issue.

For now I am not playing that many different games on the Xbox One anyway and it seems to hold up as long as I don't play many different games, but obviously this is a big issue that should be addressed. If anyone else is having the same kind of issue, please report (by posting here, and if you want contact @XboxSupport and @XboxFitness on twitter and Sumo Digital on Facebook. They need to know this problem is more widespread that a few random people with a weird internet situation. I'd share the email contact info, but I don't think they would appreciate that. Perhaps if you are willing to work with them and conduct some (possibly lengthy) tests, PM me and I'll forward them your info.

I just got the July dashboard update this morning, hope that may fix things. Haven't given that enough time yet to know.

I have the same issue, xbox fitness doesnt seem to go past the message"dont overexert yourself", this is frustrating.

It is ridiculous, but did you try having it sit on that 'don't overexert' screen for a really long time, like close to an hour? Playing the waiting game does eventually make it load for me and the next time you start the game it starts normally.

But regardless if that works, make sure to report the issue on their official twitter/facebook accounts too. See my previous message above yours. ILink them to this thread if needed. 'm happy to say I didn't run in to this issue for a couple weeks now, but apparently it isn't completely fixed either.

Weird. I'd noticed a delay recently, but only up to about two minutes or so, on that screen. I passed it off as an ISP or synch issue, 'cos my 'net connection does get a bit dodgy in the late afternoon for a bit.

Are the people with long delays in the preview/beta program? I'm not, fwiw.


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