XBOX Fitness App changes required


having been a consistent user of this app since Day One, I have a few suggested changes for the developers to update the software

  • Make all workouts a one-time download, upon selection.

Streaming these workouts is unnecessary. By making videos play locally, you ensure that the user experience is seamless and that the user does not run the risk of a dropped connection and losing progress. People with bandwidth caps shouldn't be penalised for wanting in on Xbox Fitness, either.

  • Mitigate app failover.

Sure, require an online connection on postback of results to xbox live, but don't let users bear the risk of losing progress. This risk should be managed by the software anyway, which it hasn't ever, in my experience to date.

  • Improve the floor workout tracking

The floor tracking has improved (somewhat) since the February 2014 update, but it still is not 100% when doing floor exercises - cutting out and ignoring your best efforts on the mat, making no effort to recognise you until you stand up and wave. If the developers are concerned about users paying for a subscription after this beta trial ends, they must address this Kinect tracking accuracy issue and hit 100% accuracy, 100% of the session - no question.

  • Improve start up time

This app takes roughly the same amount of time to launch as some AAA games. For what the app is doing, I expect a much snappier boot time.

So there it is. Some suggestions to make my replacement gym venue be a bit more user-friendly.


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Agreed on all points.

The stability issue is the most pressing IMHO. About once a week I get to the end of a workout and in the transition to the results wrap up screen it crashes to the dashboard. Killing my progress tracking, not to mention my motivation.  So frustrating.

There is so much potential here.

+1 on all points.  

Great post. I'd like to add that the UI in very cluttered. I tried to find my total score for my fitness career and couldn't find it. I remember seeing it once on a leaderboard with my friends. No idea where that is now. 

Downloading these workouts is a must. I assume that would eliminate video popping in and out of HD, stuttering and buffering.  

One time immediately after a workout I turned on my controller while it tallied my scores and my whole console restarted. I lost the whole 40 minute workout and everything that counted towards progressing my career.

The last 5 days Xbox Fitness won't even work at all without unplugging and restarting my console. 

I've had to start a new workout (Rushfit) halfway through an Xbox Fitness workout because the app failed. 

This is great workout app with incentive to keep coming back., but it really frustrating,

A word of reassurance from a developer would be nice.

Excellent. I was worried that the thread title was going to lead to immature app demands, but this post is quality. I agree with everything. Thanks.

Agreed. Especially on the download vs streaming. At the very least Xbox One could use unused HDD space as a form of cache. As long as the free space on the HDD isn't needed by anything, use it to store the workouts so I don't have to stream them each time. This saves people from getting the internet connection error" / "insufficient bandwidth" messages mid-workout. I have been getting those errors about once or twice a week and I am on a 100/100mbit line using a wired connection. I have a hard time believing my internet connection is to blame while I haven't got any issue with other streaming services.

Does any representative from Xbox read the Xbox Fitness forum? I haven't seen much presence from anyone working for Microsoft to help mitigate the frustration the users are experiencing. This game/app is broken beyond belief. It's frustrating to see no apparent recognition for this issues in this game from those who created and are in charge of it. This game was used as a selling point for the Xbox One. Where is the acknowledgement that something will get done to fix these pervasive issues that have existed since launch?

I have contacted support several times about issues with Xbox Fitness (game crashes, losing entire workouts, losing stamps, insufficient bandwidth nonsense, invalid configuration file, blank screens, glitches, etc.), and their resolution every time is either to hard reset the console and/or uninstall and reinstall. I can confirm that these "resolutions" do not work. I have done this several times to no avail.

We've all put in hard work and sweat into this game, only to have that hard work disappear (ignoring the health benefits, as this is still a game). I see and hear feedback and attempts to resolve issues from every other game. Why is this game treated differently? There is no actual support except for the generic responses. I want the game to be better. I want the support to be better. I'm shocked that the Xbox team and Microsoft don't seem to want it to be better.

Microsoft don't take much responsibility for Fitness as it is programmed by Sumo Digital who also did Nike+ Kinect.

Some excellent points raised in this post and I agree with them all. To add insult to injury, with latest Fitness update, we've all been put back to the first punch card. I really hope the powers that be put some serious effort into fixing this potentially amazing app.

What OP said.  This app gets more use by me than every other feature on this console put together, but it's beyond frustrating to use at times.  

I love xbox fitness but would agree with some of the points here.  Whilst I haven't experienced the buffering issues described it would be nice to have the option to download some of the exercises for a quicker experience.

Exercises on the floor really need improvement.  Some of the Mossa Power Workout 1 sessions on the floor track so poorly that the only way I can get any score is to flail my legs in the air as if i'm riding a bike.  Bizarrely though there's some floor sessions in Mossa Power Workout 2 which track perfectly.

I LOVE xbox fitness and I have had a HUGE change in my body since I started using it in December.

Although I can't seem to find what the new update has done here are a few things I would like to also see.

Why can I only see one person when I am competing online.  I have one friend that shows up but I have four other friends on Xbox fitness.

Downloading is a must because I hate when i get to the end of a workout and it does not record.  I have had some amazing scores squashed.. OR.. if this is not possible.. could you have the option of saving your progress up to the point of it wanting to kick you out?

Also the tracking on the floor.. I am using weights doing my hardest and I don't even get a star.. what disappointment.

I would like to be able to review all of my workouts with a certain video to see which ones I did better on.  I like to look at my progress.

it would be nice if possible to double check the heart rate.  So if it tells me my heart rate is 130 and I have my monitor on and it reads 150 I can calibrate it to the right heart rate.  Maybe it would help in picking up the rates better.

I honestly think the stamp cards will be fixed.  If you look at each of your workout progress, the stamps are still there so its just a matter of re associating them with your work out.