xbox family pack

i was wondering if the new family pack available, can your profiles still be played on other consoles?

for instance - i have 3 accounts on my xbox. can my friend bring his gamertag round to mine, buy the family pack, assign it to all 4 gamertags and then he can take his home and play online with his gold membership while we all play at home with our gold memberships?

what's stopping this from happening, in essence, people 'pooling' their gamertags together for a cheaper rate. This does seem a bit easy and why isn't everyone doing it.         the xbox website is absolutely devoid of all information on most things and just wants to take your details of send you on a loop of the same pages with no ACTUAL answers on most subjects - like the removal of account details! you always end up phoning them and starting again!!!

thanks if you can provide any enlightenment to any part of this question.                     would be much appreciated


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