XBOX Family Account NO LONGER AVAILABLE with out any plans moving forward?? What the heck XboX?

So I am sure there are some rumblings going on but WHAT THE HECK is the  XBOX team doing getting rid of the Family Gold Subscription?

This not good!   The thing that I am upset about is you can not renew your subscription as of March 6th. It done ... Finished...   no longer available.  So now what !

I like that the XBOX rep I spoke to was open about it and saying:

>>>We continually evaluate our business focus and work to offer services that make the most sense for our customers and Xbox.

>>> That's the official reason.

I questioned this saying this can not be good for customers and then his response back was:

>>>>"To be honest with you I'm not sure why they did it"

The other bad part is there is no notifications or communication... it was l overnight and it sounds like a bad decision... unless they are going to give us all new accounts for free?


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I now have 4 360's less than a year old for sale. I will now switch to PS3's to play online with the family. Bad move by xbox, wanting every console to purchase it's own gold subscription for $60.00. Sony will reap the benefits!

I fully agree. We have been on the Sony PS3 platform for years. Trying Xbox was something we decided to check a couple months ago and this is seriously disappointing. I have not understood the point of paying for an account when I pay for the game... I should get to play the game with out paying to play online.

I thought it was interesting some one from XBOX directly tell me they dont understand why this was done. I thought it was even more interesting when I mentioned that i was sure to be following up Xbox Live team management to express my extreme disappointment in removing the Family Plan with out any options other than having to buy individual plans.

After expressing my disappointment the support rep said that with millions of (50M+ to be exact) if enough people complain enough he said he was "sure they well bring it (Family Pack) back"

I am surprised and wondering what this will look like for Family Plan accounts as the come up for renewal since there will no longer be a way to renew this account. The Support rep was very clear there no way that he could make an exception even if he wanted to.

We will be selling this Xbox and playing on the PS3 and to be released PS4! Good by Xbox!!!!

yup. I put my complaint into the feedback/wishlist forum.   Looks like I'm off to amazon to buy my Gold from now on.

OMG this service is why I bought the console in the first place, looks like its going back to the store

STUPID move Microsoft..real stupid.... its all about the money... as usual

My account just expired (3\17) and the email sent from xbox live gives a link to renew my Gold Family Pack, but the link is no good.  And my son's account says to reactivate the Gold Family Plan but does not give that option when you try to renew. Sounds like false advertisement to me.  Violation of Federal trade laws?  AND I cannot find any way to email them, only through phone.  What good is it to talk to someone from "tech" support who can only use the script they are given to try to appease you!!  Gotta keep looking for some way to formally lodge my complaint.

Just bought an Xbox this week for my boys with the intent of getting the family plan. Went to sign up and it wasn't there. Couldn't find any official information about it going away then I found this forum. Looks like the Xbox is getting returned.

great job XBOX!! I have been with live for almost 6 years now, and this is how the treat me!! No email with a warning or nothing. I have 5 xboxes in my house and now I thinking for going to a PS3. If I stay it will cost me $360 a year!! Way to go XBOX..

I agree that its a disappointment.  But putting the family plan thing aside, paying for live is not such a bad thing.  There are a lot of advantages to having a service that actually has consequences for messing around, scamming, etc.  This is of course compared to the wide open scammer network called, PSN, which has been known to go down for weeks before due to hacking.  If you go there, be sure not to give them your debit card for purchases.  Use a points card.  There have been occasions where acct holders had to cancel their debit cards because of hacking.  They do not have the security that you can enjoy here.  Do some research.

Sad to hear that the Family plan is gone but glad I maxed out subscription last year. To all who care if you wait till around June or July 20th XBOX does a promotion that is equal to 40% off and have done so from the beginning. Use your favorite online store Gamestop, Amazon, Newegg and find the one who outbids usually with over 15% extra off  that means $120 for 4 profiles

$60 for Family Gold - wow! Here in the UK it's around $110, so  we'll no doubt be paying double that next February when we have to renew. Don't have a PlayStation so I guess we have to cough up the extra. Not a mention in any email about this from Microsoft. That is damn awful customer service but when you're a near enough a monopoly then why care about service.

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