Xbox Dashboard Nissan Versa sweeps

So apparently you have a chance to win MS points with that new Nissan Versa ad on the dashboard. It said I won 800msp. How do I redeem these points? Probably via email code sometime later? Thanks


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Maybe this will help:


Where’s my promo item?


Have you recently participated in a promotion that offered some free games or bonus Microsoft points? Promotional items are sent out 6-8 weeks from the end of the promotion, but not necessarily from when you participated.


Some promotions will automatically deposit points to your account for you. You can verify this by checking for your recent points history.


Other promotions will send you a token for your points or games to the email you have on file with your account. Please note that this is not necessarily the same as your WLID. You can change your contact information here on Please make sure to check your spam, junk, and trash folders in your email account before posting about your missing tokens.

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OK ...That didn't help. In which way is THIS promo going to deliver?

I have the same problem. Says I won 800 points but haven't gotten anything. Xbox Live support agent "Dylan" said that nissan versa is not one of there advertisements....... if that is so then why is it on my dashboard  help?

I recently scored some points as well. Can someone here see if they can dig up the official rules for this? My Binging skills arn't doing me a whole lotta good here and I think that might be the key to answering this little question.

I also won today, but haven't received a email or anything.

I've also won and have received nothing.

the same thing has happened to me.

I have a feeling that there coding for the advertisement is messed up, and it is telling everyone that clicked on it that they won the points... because there is not even a link to official rules or anything.

Ive searched the Nissan Website, along with the Xbox, theres nothing on it.  Like rainman724 said, the CS guy claimed there isnt a advertisement by them.  Yet It wouldnt be on there if it wasnt.  You think the thing would give you  a redemption code or website to go to or something.  The fact that theirs no rules or anything is pretty odd tho.

As for the ad, I havent seen it in a good few days.

You most likely have to wait 6-8 weeks before you will recieve anything.

i won also it was like two or three weeks ago

* Please try a lower page number.

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* Please try a lower page number.

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