Xbox Controller PS3 Converters?

Hey. I was wondering if anyone knows where I could find a quality converter so I can use an Xbox controller on a PS3. How do these work? Can I map the buttons anyway I would like to? Also, yes, I have searched around but I have not found the information I was looking for. 


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I've tried that. It keeps showing only one and I've read some bad reviews on it.

I have a buddy back home that uses that and it works great.

There is a PS3 controller that basically swapped the left analog and the d-pad around.

Not to sound like I don't appreciate the help, but it looks like the one I've been seeing bad reviews on. I guess there's just not a huge market for these things. I'll keep looking. Thanks for the help.

As far as I know he hasnt had any problems.Me, I want it the other way around,rather game on the PS3 controller then the hulky 360 one.Good luck finding what you need though.

Only one I have seen was individual hack where the PCB of a 360 controller is stuck inside a PS3 controller. Linky So far I haven't heard of anyone doing this at retail scale or any good converters.