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Over at XBCL we have been hosting clan leagues on Call of Duty for Xbox 360 for over a year now supporting the casual clan scene with the aim to compete against like minded clans although we are looking to bring in the more competitive teams as we expand to support more games such as Gears of War 3,BF3,FIFA 12 and Halo Anniversary, we have had many clans competing in our leagues throughout the seasons and now with support for more games we look ahead to bring in more competition.

Our first new game to the league is: Gears of War 3

while running on the success of the Call of Duty side of Xbox Clan Leagues (XBCL) we have decided to launch two Gears of War 3 Leagues to cater to the casual and competitive gamers.

Execution 4V4 – this is more suited to the more competitive teams with weapon swaps and restricted maps to keep you on your toes.

Mixed Mode 5V5 – this is for the more casual teams with an anything goes approach with all weapons and maps and no major gameplay changes.

We have not finalised any rules yet as we will be waiting to get to grips of the game and get the community (you guys) involved to see what is over powered, awesome, most fun etc. This is not to say we haven’t done our homework looking at Gears 1&2 to give us a rough idea and as most of us have had hands on with the Gears 3 Beta we are loving what we see so far.

ETA for the start of the League is: October 3rd

So if you love to play Gears, want regular matches on a weekly basis through set fixtures and be part of a growing community then head on over to:

ETA for the start of the league is: October 16th

The Next Game new to the league is: FIFA 12

We are providing 2 Leagues for this game a Singles League and a Pairs League, this league is more focused on the community that we have to compete individually or with a team mate with other leagues in mind over at XBCL this makes a change from the regular shooting action that you would normally see in the leagues. Team selections for both the singles and pairs leagues will be announced closer to the launch of the leagues.

ETA for the start of the league is: October 16th

a brief description of our leagues launching in November and December as as follows:

Call of Duty: MW3 Leagues will carry on from where we left off from black ops, we have various leagues for this game that includes the best and longest running HC-SND Clan League now going into its 9th season. Thier are also new seasons of our popular MML (Mixed Mode League) and a new vision to our HCTDL League that will be used on the new mode kill confirm.

Battlefield 3 Leagues are coming to XBCL with Team Deathmatch League and Team Rush for those who are into this franchise we hope to give our community a great league.

Halo Anniversary Leagues are also coming to XBCL in December, when the original halo came out ten years ago it stormed the xbox console and was the most popular title on the xbox platform, multiplayer matches became a regular thing through a PC software called xbconnect and this new league would be here to bring that feeling back and compete on the original halo maps aswell as other maps across the halo games.

thanks for reading and look forward to you competing in the XBCL! -


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