Xbox chat?

I wonder if MS are planning on making a chat plugin/feature for the social dashboard?

Would anyone be interested in this?


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easier to just invite a friend to kik or facebook or some other chat program.  MS probably won't ever offer that because it's not profitable for them.  

It be cool but now a days you would get some random kid in there and start doing stupid things.

Seems like a waste of resources to me. The number of people that actually frequent these forums on a regular basis is not a very high number at all.

Doesn't Major Nelson's blog already have this? Besides what you're asking would result in fewer posts on the forums because most of the conversation would likely take place on the live chat so we'd just see the community fracture and split further.

Make a Patition!then to make that as you please. Nowadays to get anything done its time and money Something that is few to people of today.

There are PM´s  where you can write with someone.

But I guess that would be easy for them to do since there are already the Support and Ambassador chat rooms.

Would be probably just some clicks for them.

I think it would make more people come to the forums.

Why would you make a petition for that?

They do it or don´t do it.

We will see.

A petition is like a force that defeats the purpose. 

It would just end up in a bad made chat. 

Then better no chat at all. 

I think it would be full of kids and trolls

Of course it would be full of trolls.

It would need a strict moderator team that kicks out people the first second they troll, curse or anything else that annoys people.

Would be a lot of work.

Specially the advertisement spammers would be hard work for the moderators of the chat.

That the forum has less people has nothing to do with a chat on,

it is the chat on

Instead taking away all the people from here to a third party,

they should chat here when its about support questions.

They should answer the questions in an OPEN chat so EVERYONE can view it.

They can do a open chat on twitter but not here?

If there would be a chat on there would maybe be more people here.

Sure there would be maybe less forum posts but would it be such a big difference to right now???

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