xbox account hacked

I did not know where to post this so i thought that i would post this on here. My account has been hacked and would like to know what to do. It is definitely my xbox account that has been hacked aswell and not my fifa 12 account even though that is how they have gone about it. I tried to log in the other night, thursday i think, and it wouldnt let me. I thought nothing of it and as it was late left it. I tried again the next day and it wouldn't let me sign in so i tried to recover my gamer tag, which failed too, so i then went online and reset my password and left it at that. Since I have only used my xbox for sky player and MW3 i didnt notice anything different until i have just tried to play fifa 12 and all my best players are missing. I then decided to check my MS points and low and behold they are all gone, around 4000 i think, which is what i am more fuming about. please could anybody tell me what i need to do next as i would like it sorting out, as i can gaurantee I have not signed upto anything dodgy or given anyone my password, which includes friends. thanks in advance to anyone that can hep


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What you need to do is contact Support by phone as soon as they are open and get an Unauthorised Access case opened up

You know, I really hate thieves. When guys hack accounts, ms needs to ban their xbox forever even if they get a new xbox, they should not be let on live FOR ANY REASON ever again...not even to access marketplace either.

It's odd that so many people playing FIFA 12 are getting their accounts hacked.  What is EA problem?  It sounds like another Treyarch and Infinity Ward deal.

the same thing just happened to me. I have barely touched my xbox 360 in a month, and I get an email saying i bought 5600 points.

I think EA's server got hacked and they are taking peoples accounts and then playing Fifa 12 and spending there MS points on ultimate teams packs,

Your xbox can't be hacked----blah blah! I mean really, I can't believe all these government companies and other high profile companies didn't use the same security features as xbox. That way, Lulz Sec never would have been able to hack them. lol lol lol lol li  lol. lol lol lol looool.

Joking aside, I hope you get sorted out OP. Call support asap.


I don't think it's specifically FIFA 12 that was hacked. The common thread seems to be, "hack first, THEN buy FIFA 12" - so a person may never have even owned the game, but you'll see it on the recent play list. I think it's because of the "premium packs" used for some kind of in-game card trading feature? I'm not familiar with it myself, over much. But, it's a way for the hacker to get all kinds of free cards, off your account, without requiring them to get points at all.

What confuses me is, I'd think there's a server trail to say "Person X sent cards to Person Y" but, again, I'm not totally sure what's going on.

How many of you use your same email & password for your EA acct. as you XBL login??


My EA acct & XBL GT are linked, BUT each with their own email/password.

Why not, they shouldn't be discovered or hacked anyways. I'm not going to make 10 different usernames and passwords for 10 different sites. This is terrible news for EA.

Be careful what you post in your bio, people can use things written on your bio to guess your secretary question and reset your password, its the most common way poeple access a profile they don't own , there was a video on the dashboard a few days ago with tips to stop someone accessing your profile.

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