Xbox 360s problems?

I recently purchased a new xbox 360 maybe a week or two ago. i haven't used it much but during the time i have been using, theres been a few issues. i don't know if it's the games or the xbox its self. when i try to install forza 3 to its hard drive, it gets up to 30% then says to check the disk for scratches, there isn't one scratch on the disk. it installs fine on my other xbox. my other problem is that when i go to play oblivion, it runs so increadibly slow. it'll take about 20 mins to get past the load screen to the main menu. once im there, it'll freeze for about 5 mins then it'll let me scroll through the options. i'll press on lead game and it'll take about 5 mins to bring up my saves and then when i do choose a save, it'll take about 10-15 mins to get into the game. once im in the game, it's impossible to play because of the choppiness and lag. i've installed it to the hard drive but that doesn't help at all. and this game also works fine on the other 360. these are the only two of my games i have issues with, so if some one could help or give any kind of advice, you'll have my thanks.


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That's definitely not normal. You might have to send it in for repairs. Fortunately, since it's a recently purchased 360, it will still fall under warranty.

i could do that...or i could have just tried clearing system cache before i made this post. well anyway, that was much less of a hassle, i did come close to taking it back but i guess i should think next time before making a conclusion. haha well thanks for the help anyway

the forza 3 installation is still a problem...maybe a bad disk?

Try cleaning the disc with a lint cloth, or resurfacing it if it needs it. If not get it replaced. Also check for laser burn, it's noticeable by a ring that goes around the disc perfectly normally caused by having the console stood up and slightly knocking it or even vibrations.

or a bad HDD

Since your game installed on your other 360, it's probably not the disk.  You could take it back and get a new one, just in case.  But I'd take your 360 back to the store, if you still have your receipt.