XBox 360/new system questions

Ok i am sure this has been talked about before but i cant find any . so anyways here it is its a multi question / statement thing

-Does anyone know what will happen to the xbox 360 when the new system comes out. Will we still be able to play games on it. Will we still be able to play on xbox live?

- Does anyone know if the new xbox will be able to play xbox 360 games

-finally i just dont understand why a new system the old one is still good heck the xbox is still good just like the playstation. i play on them every day.

Yes i understand people say oh graphics well graphics arnt what makes a good game or atleast shouldnt be . a good game has a good story or good action or something of that matter. i have played old n64 and xbox games that are better than modern games.also in todays economy not everyone can afford a new system so i dont get it why. 

Why ruin something that is good and is already working great for you that all you have to do is patches and or upgrades and its perfectly fine.


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As for the first questions, no official information about the new console has been given out yet. Anything said at this point regarding the future of the older consoles, or what features the new console will have, is purely rumor and speculation.

If I had to guess, the Xbox 360's will still work for a while yet. I can't imagine Xbox just cutting off the XBL service to those consoles any time soon. That being said, there will probably be some features of the new consoles that the older 360's can't handle (again, just speculation).

And new consoles come out for one simple reason... to make money.