xbox 360 using cloud gaming too

is the xbox 360 using cloud gaming soon. sharing the xbox one cloud services. I am curious that titan falls creators are talking about the cloud and what it does for there game. hence that is why its a xbox exclusive. but how bogged down will the xbox 360 version bee.


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I think the "cloud" stuff is an online memory thingy and not a dedi server.

The cloud is a 2010's name for "Dedicated Server".  Yes thats all a cloud is is just a dedicated server for stuff.   Gears of War 3 uses a dedicated server what people like to now call a cloud.   So im sure the 360 version of titanfall will use the servers for hosting as well.   However the X1 version will more in likely use the server for more things.

It's not the Xbox One cloud its the Xbox Live cloud.

From the Respawn link: "Titanfall uses the Xbox Live Cloud to run dedicated servers for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox 360."

Yeah, pretty sure its X1 only

I would imagine it is only for the ONE and not the 360. The majority of code on the 360 games are set up for peer to peer connections. Here is a recent article from Respawn talking about their use of the dedicated servers.