Xbox 360 the cheapest in the world, why so cheap?

I saw a Xbox controller, many people have made large orders

all said that is good

the most important reason, is too cheap.

Why so cheap?



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That's not an Xbox Controller? But for that, I have no idea.

Wow hey MS mods, you guys have been getting these random chinese marketing posts ever since the new forum came up..maybe something to look into?

sorry for the double post, forums suck, dont know how to edit my last.

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"BUY CHINA WHOLESALE" you say?  I'll take ONE!  

[quote user="MisterChimps"]

"BUY CHINA WHOLESALE" you say?  I'll take ONE!  


I'll bet there's a catch.

The actual quantity they charge you for and ship is the quantity you specified multiplied by 1000


[quote user="CovertBike"]

I'll bet there's a catch.


The catch is they have all you CC info, and guess what? Since it is a Chinese company, they can't be prosecuted by anyone other than Chinese citizens. So it really is a "Use at you own risk" kinda of thing. And i am not just talking about the "merchandise" you are ordering.