Xbox 360 steering wheels

Why can we only use some wheels in the 360? Most of them of low quality, compared to the old wireless one they stopped making... Why can't MS give support to every wheel? I think it would even increase sales of the console, as many people don't buy it because they wan't to play racing games and can't have a decent wheel. I know there is fanatec, but not everyone can afford one. It would be great to give support to every wheel, as others platforms, it would be a great gift to all racing fans!


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They are going to start making them again.

there is going to be like a "v3" of the official one? when? i didn't even see it announced, only the speed wheel and the 700 dollars fanatec...  

I read about it before e3 i'll look for the article.

that's the speed wheel, it looks too much "arcade", no base for it and no pedals...

I am with you DIGITAL CR33P.  


I think that FORZA is a fantastic game (franchise) and for a company to have such a masterpiece, should offer better wheel support.  It is this poor selection of wheels that I have ventured over to PS3 for my racing needs, best move I have ever made.  The Logitech wheel I have, even though inexpensive, is light years ahead of the MS wheel.


Unfortunately, until a better wheel selection is offered through MS, I will wait on Forza 4,it saddens me, but I just cannot tolerate their wheel after playing with superior wheels.


If I may ask a question OP, what do you use now as a racing controller?

That's what happens with a lot of people... if it had support for all (or even more), more people would buy 360s because of Forza. The only thing missing is wheel support. Giving support would make the sales higher, and customers would be happy, so, a profit for everyone.

I don't have a wheel, I have to use the standart controller because of how hard it is to find a nice wheel with support.

Microsoft does not care about your peripheral gaming needs because the 360 is not a game system anymore, it's an entertainment system. Quality devices such as steering wheels and arcade quality joysticks and buttons are no longer on the official MS radar, only KINECT! KINECT! KINECT! and KINECT!!

They are making more than just the above steering wheel. The one in that article is the lowest-end. I think there were about 3 or 5 in total but i can't find the article. I'm sure the more expensive ones may have pedals.

pierricbross I will do a little googling around and see if I can find anything.




Okay I found an IGN(orant) article and they say three devices are being made.

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