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I am trading in my old 360 tomorrow for a new black 250gb slim model.  I see it comes with component HD cables, are these going to give me  good image when connecting it all up or is there anything i can buy that is better. 


Am a little confused with HDMI cable settings on the 360 dashboard, should i select standard, intermediate or expanded, and should it be RGB or yybbccr (or whatever it is)


Also i have 2 TVS one is a samsung 32 inch Full HD and the other is 22 inch panasonic LED HD ready TV, which would you connect it up to, bearing in mind it is in a small room and i sit about 2 to 3 feet away.


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Best to worst:
HDMI cable, VGA cable then Component cable. (HD cables only)

If you're going to use HDMI, select either Intermediate or Expanded (or whichever you like) and then choose Auto instead of RGB etc.

can i ask why you would set select either Intermediate or Expended (or whichever you like) and then choose Auto instead of RGB etc.

Any idea on the TV too and can i ask you what picture mode do you use, i currently use cinema is that any good

Now remember the new 360 Slims no longer come with component cables only composite. Composite are Red, Yellow and White and they are not HD cables. I use a 5 dollar eBay HDMI cable so no problem but it was nicer when MS included the component cables in the box.

They too cheap now to give out those cables?

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