Xbox 360 MW2 Multiplayer - Disc Unreadable

So I brought my Xbox over to my friends house (via bike w/ xbox in back pack) and rode my way to his house. I set it up and everything and brought my MW2 over with it in a game case. I put the game in and play it like normal. I've had this disc since it came out and nothing is wrong with it. Now I get home, and I try playing it, and once I click on MULTIPLAYER it just goes to a black screen and says "Disc Unreadable or Unrecognizable" I forget. 


Point is, Campaign works, and so does Spec Ops, flawlessly. But once I click on Multiplayer, my xbox takes a dump on me. WTF!? Any fixes?!


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iiTz x Unstable

check the centre spindle for minor cracks  have had them before or take it and get it cleaned

try installing it on your HDD.

Ok, so did you leave it in the xbox on your way home? lol.

happened to me on cod 4 , thought it was game so bought another copy , same thing , turned out to be hard drive , got another hard drive and sorted?

dont even replace the game its so bad tbh.

@Drunk, I thought that was supposed to be that "other" guys

I still think iiTz x Unstable.