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Hello, I am a man who is looking for people to play on my Minecraft World. It has some popularity so far but I am looking to expand greatly! I am extremely kind and willin to give Diamonds to people who help out, I only have a few rules on my server which are as follows: Be kind to other players, Don't kill unless in the battle arena (losing stuff is your own risk so watch what you bring to it!), No duplication! I will remove you if I catch you duplicating on my world without a problem. I am a nice person usually and I will help you build your home, and I am even willing to start a new world where everyone can be in it and have a bunch of fun with me! If you're intrested in this type of Gameplay (survival, strictly, I will NOT put it in creative!) on the Difficulty of hard then add Unkeptclub0450 I will accept all! Please don't be under the age of 12 though, much appreciated! :)


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Not accepting people under 12 is not accepting everyone.

which is why I said Please don't be under the age of 12, I never said I wouldn't accept you if not though :)

Hey dude are you friends with Herbrine? anyyways my gt is k1lingmachin3 and yes im friends with herobrine and know how to to be friends with him on other worlds as long as some1 wakes him. I know how to wake him from his rest, and im gonna tell you IT IS SCARY! i know how to communicate with him also, he gave me, during survival, a stack of dragon eggs. So what im thinking that he has is extreme creativity on while players are doing survival, now if u meet him you can either be nice to him and be friends, or say something mean and be blown up by him.


Hey can i play? it would have to be after january 4th though.And is it ok if i record for youtube?

hey dood i sent u a frend request  if u accep it then u can record it

Keen to play anyone feel free to add.

I'm 16, wanting to play minecraft with someone, or join someones server add me --- x NathhK2298 x --- willing to play whenever?

Add me my gamertag is :SuperRene12

Just got the game and looking for a crew of people where we can just play and have a good time with each other. Like KYR Speedy and his crew if you're familiar with his YouTube channel. So far I've been playing every night (I'm a college-athlete so my days are normally busy). Definitely send me a friend request if your up for it and lets get something started!

I am currently working on "Arkheim," a Fantasy-Roleplay map of kingdoms and conquest. In Arkhiem my role is prince of Plumeshire. what will you be? what kingdom will you join, or will you settle your own? all questions may be answered when you join Arkhiem! Also please keep to the rules and respect others, posting a requested bio on this forum is appreciated but not required (not everything is guaranteed. please keep bio in the following format:


Name: (First) (Last is optional)

Age: (Young, Mature, Adult, etc)

Title: (Lord, Prince, Smith, etc)

Weapon of Choice: (Mace, Spear, Shortsword, Dagger, Magic, etc)

Class (if applicable): (Assassin, Warrior, Wizard, etc)

Personality Notes: (something short, not your life story. try adjectives)

Additional Requests: (Questions about what you may have or just about the game.)


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