Xbox 360 Minecraft Multiplayer - can't see each other in game?

Hi all. My nephew wants to play Minecraft multiplayer with me on his Xbox 360. We figured out the HDMI cable thing, so now we can start a split screen game and all that. But when we tried split screen we couldn't see each other like we can when we connect to each other on pocket edition on our iPads, and stuff we destroy doesn't change on the other's screen. Is there a way to get both of us in the same world, so we can see each other and play together, rather than two initially identically worlds? I think we were on "Creative Mode" if that makes a difference. (he says it's the mode he likes best)

Thanks. Will continue googling answers to this in the meantime.


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If you're on the same console, all you have to do is start up the world with player one. Once in the world, turn on a second control pad and press start. It may require you to sign in, so either have a second account at the ready or I believe you might be able to play as a guest. The screen should then go split screen and all be ok.

If you're playing online, then you need 2 360s and 2 copies of the game. Both members will need to have the GOLD status on their account. Make sure both accounts are on each others 'friends list' as it makes it easier to invite people in. Get the world owner to start the game, once in press the guide button on your pad and find you friend. Select his account and you should see an option of invite to game.

Hope that helps :)