XBOX 360 Hard Drive Question

When I go into Memory it is reading the Memory Unit & not the Hard Drive.  There is a Hard Drive on the 360 but how can I see the Hard Drive & not the Memory Unit ?


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It should give you a list where you will see both. If it isn't then try taking your card out and have just the HDD in.

Try taking your Hard Drive out and put it back on.

Arcade versions of the Xbox have the Memory Unit.

Do you not have a hard drive by chance?

Does your console have a hard drive?  If it's a 360 S 4GB the storage is flash memory, and the 360 see's it has a memory unit.

Well he did say there is a HDD in his OP so I am only assuming.

Middle Nameless please follow these →troubleshooting steps← .

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Have you tried turning it off and on again ?