XBOX 360 (Bloodrayne 2)

Just wanted to know if this game will be comming out for the 360 and if so when?


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I would like to know as well. I really enjoyed this game on my Xbox and was upset to find out that I could not play it on my Xbox 360. Could a simple patch or something make it so ALL the old Xbox games could be played on the 360 as well? I have a case full of Xbox games that I occasionally dust off, plug in my old Xbox and have a go with. Would be nice if I could play them on my new 360.

This section of the forums is reserved for feedback about the website and the forums.  For this reason this thread might be removed, as it's not a place to talk about individual games.  You might have better luck if you post the same question in the General Game Discussion Xbox General Discussion, or maybe even the BloodRayne: Betrayal forums

That being said, I too enjoyed a couple of the BloodRayne games and would love to see a new one for the 360.  You can however play the original copy of BloodRayne 2 on the 360.  You could always purchase it online somewhere.  Here's the backwards compatible list that confirms you can do this.