Xbox 360 & Xbox one save transfer

Does our saved game from the 360 transfer over the the xbox one version?

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To be honest, I don't see how it will be possible.  If 360 games aren't compatible with the One, it doesn't make sense that game saves would be.

If you play the 360 version of Minecraft on a One, I can't see why it would not load the worlds you have now.

OTOH, if you are taking about Mojang making a XB One version of Minecraft, then it loading the old saves is entirely on Mojang and what Microsoft will permit them to do on the platform.  Maybe it will.  Maybe it won't.  Have to wait and see.  My gut feeling is no, it will not.  Microsoft says they will continue to support the 360 but they are making every effort to force everyone they can off it and onto the new console.  So given that attitude, I doubt Microsoft wants developers to patronize 360's in any way.

I am sure that at some point a tool to convert the saves will be available.  I won't hold my breath on it coming through official channels.  I am sure some industrious programmer will make something.  Sooner or later.

Not sure why people would tell you no for they (Microsoft) said you can transfer save from 360 to One through the cloud.

Yes, that gets a 360 save onto the one.  And that lets Minecraft for the 360 read it.  But that doesn't make Minecraft for One read it.