Xbox 360 4GB SlimSlim - Weird Graphics Help?

We have 4GB Slim and have experienced a couple of weird display issues, where the polygons are all random and stretched out of proportion. But this has only happened with a couple of games. The first was with the opening cut scene of Halo Reach. Master Chiefs shoulder goes wacky for a bit. (We even borrowed our friends copy of the game to rule out a bad disc, but it flaked out in exactly the same way with both discs.). Otherwise the game seems to play fine.

The next instance of this was when we got Disney Infinity for the kiddos for Christmas... The intro scene was a total mess... couldn't even see enough to play it, so we returned it.

Any thoughts on this? It doesn't seem to be the typical Red Ring issues... Anyway, any thoughts would be appreciated.


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The 4GB console will not work with all features of several games, so it is the type of console that is the problem.


Do yourself a favour and swap it for a 250GB model.

Will simply adding a hard drive to my 4GB solve the issue as well?


Sounds more like a hardware issue. What is your display set at? If anything, you should swap out the system for a new one.

Display is set at 720p via HDMI.   I'd guess hasrdwasre as well, but as I said, this has only affected the two games mentioned.  All others play perfectly.