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hello i am having a major problem with a group of people on red dead redemption!! it all started a few weeks ago when we where all playing and this group of three people came in one of them was using the gamertag [Removed] he was about level 20 and was exceptionally good for being such a low level i pointed this fact out to him and suddenly they all started team killing ect so i joined an party with them and they explained that this is just 1 of a number of accounts they use to play with! anyway it turned out that [Removed] actually uses the account name [Removed] and is actually a quite accomplished red dead player!! after i found this out i put them on my avoid list so i wouldn't come across him that often but he just kept on finding me using his friends ect and then they would come in2 all my games and verbally abuse me and my family so i started turning myself off-line so he wouldn't find me but because i'm high up on most casual leaderboards he just started going in clicking on my profile and sending me harassing messages calling things like [Removed] and other such things!! i sent him messages back asking him to leave me alone because i didn't want any hassle but also i didn't want block his commu nications because then his messages would be gone and i didn't want this because as i will explain next i may contact my local police with a complaint! anyway after i had asked him to leave me alone he sent me a message saying "[Removed]" i told him he was sick saying that about a 15 month old baby girl! the next day he sent me a message saying "[Removed]" i replied saying "what are you talking about" and he replied "[Removed]" again i asked him nicely to leave me and my family alone but he just kept sending me harassing messages and also got a few of his pals to send me messages aswell!! i have kept most of these messages as evidence to show u what type of people are using xbox live services!! even if i block him he can get at my friends which he does and also my wife who uses this aswell under her own account!! and if we all block him he is just going to move on to his next victim!! people like this don't deserve to be able to xbox live if they are going to abuse the rules to suit themselves and cause upset to other users like myself who use it to make friends with people from all over the planet!! i love using xbox live because having such a young daughter i use it as my wife does to unwind after running about all day!! i implore u to please do something about this man and others like him so i can peacefully enjoy my gaming!! thanks i look forward to hearing from you soon!!


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File a report on them through your console. Naming and shaming is not allowed and the only place the PET view on the forum are sections 14 and 15 of the support boards forums.xbox.com/.../default.aspx